De Moleyns Lagoon Wetland Management Case Study

Funded by: Queensland Government’s Department of Agriculture & Fisheries (DAF).

Project Outline:

To develop a second wetland management case study on De Moleyns Lagoon. The first case study was developed by DAF in 2013 and highlighted some of the activities that were being started through the WATER (Wetlands in Agriculture: Training, Extension and Resources) project, and also listed some of the future projects that had been planned for 2014 onwards. The new case study focused on works since 2014, as well as providing new information on bird species lists and comments from involved stakeholders. 

Project Results:

The project was a first for PCL, as the group had never published this calibre of case study before. The project brought together many stakeholders who had been involved with the lagoon for a long time, and allowed them to reflect upon the great progress the site has made since the initial works were completed. Being able to reflect upon the outcomes of a project is extremely important to developing management strategies for other sites. The case study has been very well received, and has been featured in Land for Wildlife, PCL and DAF events at the lagoon.

You can find the completed ‘De Moleyns Lagoon – stakeholder collaboration leads to successful environmental outcomes’ linked below.

DeMolelyns Collaboration Info