Land for Wildlife

What is Land for Wildlife?

Thank you to the Mackay Regional Council, Land for Wildlife (LFW) is a FREE voluntary program that encourages and assists landholders to provide habitat for native wildlife on their properties. Whether you manage a large farm or small bush block, the LFW program can offer you advice and assistance. When you apply for LFW, you will be visited by qualified extension staff who can offer you advice on:

  • Integrating wildlife conservation with other land management activities.
  • Local plants, animals, threatened species, ecosystems and their management.
  • Incentives available to private landholders to create, protect and improve wildlife habitat.

LFW also offers free workshops, field days, regular newsletters and opportunities to meet other like-minded landholders. A LFW sign is provided free of charge to registered landholders to acknowledge their efforts in wildlife conservation.

LFW status DOES NOT alter the legal status of a property, convey the right of public access, nor represent an official wildlife sanctuary.

Does my property qualify?

LFW welcomes landholders who:

  • Manage part or all of their property as habitat for native plants and animals.
  • Integrated nature conservation with other land uses, such as agriculture, grazing or tourism.
  • Have a property with at least 1 hectare of native vegetation and/or 1 hectare of revegetation (or a mix of the two)

LFW recognises the skills and commitment of landholders and is responsive to individual needs.

A “working towards” registration category is available for landholders who do not qualify for full registration at the first property visit. Advice will be given to help you to work towards full registration in the future. Neighbouring properties may join together and apply for group registration.

If you are interested in finding out more information about how to register for Land For Wildlife in the Mackay area, contact us here.

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