Mackay Christian College Vines Creek Wetland Restoration

Funded by: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, 2018 Reef Guardian Community and Stewardship Grants.

Project Outline:

PCL worked closely with Mackay Christian College (MCC) to educate students and the local residents on the importance of wetlands and how they improve or can improve or support  reef health. The wetland adjacent to the MCC junior campus provides the perfect opportunity for students to learn about wetlands up close and personal and engage in wetland restoration activities. The long term goal for this site is to protect and restore the wetland’s ecosystem health and biodiversity, and improve outgoing water quality.

Project Outcomes:

The project provided a terrific and unique opportunity for students, teachers, and community members to foster stewardship of this wetland area. The educational components of this project have helped students understand the importance of wetland ecosystems and how they are interconnected with water quality and reef health. Direct access to the site allowed students the opportunity to apply what they have learnt in the classroom in a practical sense.

Achievements of the project:
  • Planting 750 local native trees, shrubs, and grasses by students, teachers and volunteers;
  • A special wetland presentation to year five students about the function and importance of wetlands by Department of Agriculture and Fisheries officer;
  • Removal of invasive weed species from the wetland;
  • 70 year five students attended the Mackay Natural Environment Centre and learnt about plant propagation;
  • Significant increase in birdlife visiting the wetlands; and
  • The installation of signage for the wetland.

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