Are you interested in?:

  • The future of our catchment;
  • Sustainable land management practices in agricultural and urban areas;
  • Being involved in a community of passionate people who want to make a difference;
  • Learning new things about the environment;
  • Receiving support for your own landcare projects and ideas;
  • Landholders, schools or organisations looking to adopt better land management practices.

If you answered yes to any of the above, consider becoming a Landcare member!

What you get when you become a member of PCL

Members receive:

  •  Monthly e-newsletters, February to December each year.
  •  Emailed communications, including:
                Minutes of General meetings.
                Regular updates on local events.
                Invitations to field trips.
  •  Access to information and advice on catchment / land management issues.
  •  4 free, local, native plant per year.

Membership is FREE!

Types of membership

The classes of membership are set by our Rules as an Incorporated Association.  There are three main membership classes:

  • Ordinary Members – Individual members
  • Organisation Members – Representatives of stakeholder groups or associations
  • Associate Members – Representatives of government departments or agencies

The Management Committee approves membership applications and allocates membership classes. 

How do I Join?

Fill out the member ship form below or contact PCL.

Renewing your membership

Memberships are due for renewal in April each year. If your membership has expired, fill out a membership renewal form (below) or contact PCL.