Pioneer Catchment & Landcare Group Inc. (formerly Pioneer Integrated Catchment Management Association, PICMA) was involved with the establishment of the regional natural resource management (NRM) group, which started out as the Mackay Whitsunday Regional Strategy Group, now Reef Catchments Mackay Whitsunday Isaac Limited. PCL has strong ties and had significant input into the formation of the regional NRM group.  PICMA chair Clive Rogers was the original chair of the regional NRM group, and PICMA’s next chair was the NRM group’s Treasurer.  The three Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) groups (Whitsunday Catchment Landcare & Sarina Landcare Catchment Management Association) were an essential part of developing the NRM groups. With the power of collaboration, they helped it grow from not even having a bank account to today where it generates employment through large-scale projects and delivers significant regional conservation and land management programs, guided by the Regional NRM Plan.