Edward Lloyd Park River Access Revegetation Site

Project: Rehabilitating the river access point.

Objective: Restore the access point to its natural beauty through revegetation of the banks.


  • Reintroduce native habitat.
  • Support biodiversity.
  • Enhance community and visitor appreciation.
  • Long-term impact: Generations to come will enjoy the restored. beauty of the rehabilitated river access point.

The importance of riparian habitat: Riparian means land which borders a water body such as a river. The riparian zone protects the ground and water from erosion, sediment run off, and pollution. It also provides important and diverse habitat for wildlife, with multiple food plants, shelter for many different species, and shade to keep the water temperature more constant.

Did you know:

· The word riparian comes from Latin “Ripa” meaning river bank.

Happy #landcareweek?

Thank you to every single one of our incredible volunteers who attended our first planting day at Edward Lloyd Park, Marian, 8th August 2023, including 100 students and teachers from Marian State School??

Big shout out to Vintage Kiss at Melba House for keeping everyone well nourished and caffeinated for today’s activities, as well as generously providing a $25 voucher for one lucky volunteer – the winner will be drawn this week! ?

Special mention to our PCL field officers for drilling the holes, setting out the plants, and helping all the volunteers and kids to make it a successful, enjoyable, educational and fun day. ?

We look forward to future meet ups, events and inspired action taking place at this locally significant site by the Pioneer River, as together we transform this area into a beautiful nature refuge for the whole community to enjoy. ?