Land for wildlife workshop

Land for Wildlife and Landcare members from Sarina Landcare Catchment Management Association (SLCMA) and Pioneer Catchment Landcare (PCL) teamed up for a day of fun and learning at Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens. The workshop highlighted the usefulness of mobile apps and computer mapping for landholders and community members.

Saskia (SLCMA) started by unraveling the mysteries of Queensland Globe, guiding us through property location, Regional Ecosystems (RE) exploration, and RE number interpretation—a true mapping treasure hunt!

Donna (PCL) introduced us to iNaturalist, a fantastic wildlife identification tool simplifying contributions to map Australia’s biodiversity.

Danny (PCL) shared insights on FeralSCAN, linking landholders to combat pest animals collaboratively. Rodney (SLCMA) showcased Biocollect and the impactful Mackay Whitsundays Koala Mapping project, securing funding for koala habitat improvements.

Donna also offered a glimpse into FrogID, where recording frog songs becomes an exciting adventure. Saskia and Donna closed the session by introducing the Central Queensland Coast Landcare Network (CQCLN) and its database of local flora and fauna.

What a fantastic morning of learning and discovery! Let’s spread the word about these apps and keep contributing to citizen science—it truly makes a difference!

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