Past Projects

Bail out the bees project

Funded by: Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal and BMA.

Fencelines – Eungella

Funded by: North Queensland Dry Tropics (NQDT), through the Landholders Driving Change Project.

Raising the Profile of the local Water Mouse, Xeromys myoides

Funded by: Australian Federal Government National Landcare Program – Environment Small Grants.

Mackay Christian College Vines Creek Wetland Restoration

Funded by: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, 2018 Reef Guardian Community and Stewardship Grants.

De Moleyns Lagoon Wetland Management Case Study

Funded by: Queensland Government’s Department of Agriculture & Fisheries (DAF).

Slade Point

Funded by: Australian Government Community Action Grant.

Reef Catchments Pest Management Projects

Funded by: Reef Catchments Ltd.

Reef Assist Program 1.0

Funded by: Reef Catchments